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Keepin’ It Local

I can remember entering Town & Country in the early mornings, the smell of bacon permeating in the air, just as the sun was coming up, and finding Dad already in the kitchen, making the sauces and gravies for the day. At the time, the restaurant was known for its fresh home cooking. Preparing the beef portions for dinner on his 200-pound butcher block  was a daily routine for Dad.

When he first opened the restaurant, Dad would make the bi-weekly trek to the local butcher, Pop of Wilson’s Farm, to order the steaks and beef products. Steaks have always been a hit at Town & Country, and then the only way to get them was to make the visit to the local butcher, to buy fresh cuts and sides of beef, which Dad would trim himself.

In 2011, when Bill and I purchased Town & Country, I found Dad’s old 200-pound butcher block in storage. I couldn’t believe it was still there! This past Christmas, I sent the block off to get it finished and surprised Bill with it under the tree on Christmas morning.

Years later Dad found Mr. Crabill, owner of Crabill Meat in Toms Brook, Virginia. Together they began making sausage using Dad’s reciepe. The sausage was a huge hit at the restaurant and at our greek church, Saint Constantine & Helens in D.C. Dad would make huge amounts of it to be sold at the church’s bizarrs. Of course he was always in charge of the meats. So, if you haven’t figured it out yet we are one of those big fat greek families….yes. I know its corny but it’s true, we roast lamb on a spit and we drink ouzo, dance in the yard in a line and pretend to spit on our kids to keep the evil spirits away. Don’t ask it’s a Greek thing. Sorry I get carried away. Back to Dad.

Everyone loved the sausage including us, so when we decided to open Spitony’s a few years later we ramped up the heat in the sausage and used it for the sausage topping on the pizza as well as for subs, which we still use at Spitony’s today.

To this day, Northside29 is still keepin’ it local. We still order about 500 pounds of the same sausage a month from Crabill Meats.

Choose quality, taste the difference as we always say. And trust us, you can taste the difference. Next time you stop by Northside29 for breakfast make sure to try our quality breakfast sausage, sausage gravy, or the meat lovers omelet and let us know what you think!

-Momma Chock


A Chakalos Family Tradition

Many of you may already know the history behind New Baltimore’s only pizza place, Spitony’s, but have you heard about how Northside29 came to be? Let me tell you.

1956: My father-in-law or Dad as I call him, Spiro Chakalos, emigrated from Greece to the United States with only a few dollars in his pocket with a dream to one day own his own business.

1971: When Dad discovered this New Baltimore location, he was quick to sell everything he owned to invest in the buildings. He had an eye for hospitality and a vision to bring family-style cuisine to a town that had neither. He opened the two restaurants, Town and Country and Spitony’s Pizza, and operated both until he retired in 1991.

1978: Town and Country was named the largest restaurant in Fauquier County.

It’s incredible to look back now at this accomplishment. I like to consider how much our county has grown in the past decade or two and the role that my father-in-law played leading to that.

1986: Dad decided to retire after many arduous years in the restaurants and responsibility was passed along to his kids. However, that only lasted a few months and he came back to help with Spitony’s which kept him busy until he passed away in 2007.

1991: Town and Country was sold to an independent owner, transferring ownership out of the family after 18 years in operation. At that time, Bill’s and my focus shifted to our kids…and of course our other baby, Spitony’s.

2011: When Bill and I were presented with the opportunity to buy Town and Country back and restore it to its original ownership, we didn’t think twice; we bought it right away. We were excited to carry on Dad’s passion for the family business and we knew keeping it in the family is what he would have wanted. The biggest heartache for our family was changing the name from Town and Country. It was a difficult decision, but we knew we needed to communicate to our community that the Chakalos family was back. For months we struggled and went back and forth over name ideas.

We finally agreed on Northside29 Restaurant. If the choice in name is not obvious to you, I’ll tell you: we are your destination as you travel northbound on route 29!

2013: We revamped the back part of the restaurant and opened The Bar! Here, you will find Thursday trivia teams, open mic night on Wednesdays and live music every Friday night. I like to think the second generation of Chakalos’s is paving the way in providing a little more nightlife and entertainment in New Baltimore!

Thanks for tuning in for my first blog. Stay tuned for future monthly blogs!

-Momma Chock