Northside29 FamilyTogether at YiaYia’s house in Vourvoura, a village in southern Greece, Spiro Chakalos who immigrated to the United States with his wife Demetra in 1956 came with nothing but pocket change and an eagerness to work hard. They together struggled to learn the language and to live the dream of owning their own business. In 1971 they purchased the property in New Baltimore Virginia where Northside 29 is today. The business was originally a restaurant called Town and Country.

They raised 3 children here day in and out in the restaurant. After many years of hard work they enlarged the building to its size today. But after years of neglect by renters the family got together and decided to take it back! Today the restaurant has been renamed Northside 29 and the Chakalos family continues to work hard to make sure that this labor of love stays an icon in this community.


Today you can still see the family Bill Chakalos with wife Tracey and children Zack, Alex and Ryan working alongside with their YiaYia Demetra Chakalos at Spitonys which is named after their late papou Spiro and uncle Tony. You don’t have to look too far around Northside 29 to see family, cause they are all here helping keep the American dream alive for this family, so look for Dina and Matt Brady with their boys Jason, Cavan and Dylan along side of Vicki & Jim Grafas with their son Sophocles working together.